Physical risk factors

Product quality assurance in relation to physical risk factors is all about ensuring that foreign bodies do not end up in the products.

In basic terms, physical risk factors encompass everything that can be touched or felt. This can be in the form of splinters, screws, glass etc. 

We do our very best to ensure that no foreign bodies end up in the products by training employees and any craftsmen temporarily taken on by the dairy in preventive attitudes. Craftsmen, for example, are not allowed to use empty dairy packaging to store screws.

This can also be in the form of complying with the requirements for plain glass in production, i.e. it must be coated or shielded so that glass shards cannot end up in the products.

Should accidents happen, procedures are in place for subsequent action:

  1. Production in the area is suspended
  2. Products at risk must be segregated
  3. Cleaning procedures instigated
  4. If deemed necessary, on-the-spot metal detection is initiated

Hygienic design of machinery and equipment

  • Use of self-locking screw nuts so that they cannot loosen and fall off.
  • Production equipment is designed to avoid corners and other areas which can not be cleaned,and to prevent oil from machinery to end up in the products.
  • When pipes are welded together, they are lined with film on the inside to avoid remnants entering the production and to prevent cracks that can lead to deficient cleaning.