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eCommerce Business Manager

Anita's job in 3 words: New-world. Frontline. Disruptive. 

Born and raised in South England, Anita moved north to pursue a university degree in Food Science and Nutrition in Leeds, and then completed a Master of Science in Advanced Food Marketing. While studying, her goal was to become a New Product Development Manager, because she loved food and cooking.  However, when she came to interview, one of the managers at Arla immediately spotted her great potential for a commercial and customer-facing role. This meeting meant the beginning of a now 8-year long journey in Arla. A journey that started in a position as a Commercial Trainee in Arla’s Leeds office in the UK. Today, 8 years later, she heads up the eCommerce team as part of a brand new Digital Marketing and eCommerce Business Unit.

Adapting to keep up with an everchanging world

In her daily work, Anita is motivated by the opportunity to drive strategic, branded growth through e-commerce. It’s all about consumer centricity and focus on the customer is at the heart of everything her team does. As Anita mentions, “we live in an everchanging world and therefore, adaption is key”. Consumers, or shoppers, are increasingly moving online and Anita’s team make sure that Arla is present exactly where today’s consumers are. When meeting consumers’ needs and expectations, Anita’s team delivers against Arla’s overall mission to secure the highest value for our farmers’ milk while creating opportunities for their growth. ensure a good milk price for our farmers.

I am very proud to work for Arla and I value the culture and it’s foundation. You don’t feel like you’re on your own as you’re always supported by a great team who is motivated by achieving great results and winning together as one.”.

The work "behind the scenes"

eCommerce is so much more than what’s visible to the eye. Like many other business areas, e-commerce also covers a lot of work behind the scenes. This includes everything from extensive data collection and analyses to identifying whether the selected packaging is fit for eCommerce. “One of my most important tasks is to ensure the United Kingdom and EZ leadership teams are equipped to make the right decisions - on how to structure, invest and make plans to win in eCommerce and the new online world. The impact is implementation of new processes and ways of working across the entire business.”. 

A leader first 

I am a very ambitious person and a leader first. I am motivated by the thought of myself as a role model for my team members and I firmly believe that you progress by learning from other successful colleagues.”.

During her Arla journey, Anita has had the opportunity to make a change impact – and constantly focus on how her and her team can make the best possible impact in e-commerce and generally in Arla. A journey that’s constantly evolving.

Career opportunities within eCommerce

  • eCommerce Business Manager
  • Commercial Trainee
  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Senior Category Manager
  • Social Commerce Manager

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