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Head of Legal – International & Attorney-at-Law, Legal

Joris' job in 3 words: International. Impact. Team Effort.

Joris was born in the Netherlands, but he’s firmly rooted in Denmark where he has lived for the majority of his life. Having graduated from Aarhus University and worked for a major Danish law firm and been seconded to different corporate clients, Joris switched to the corporate side and joined Arla as a legal counsel and attorney-at law for the International Business Group. In 2017 Joris became Head of Legal for the International business managing a team of lawyers that work with and support our overseas markets.

Legal work all across the world

Together with the other members of the team he is responsible for handling legal issues in countries across the globe. This includes setting up companies, enabling the creation of production plants, handling disputes, negotiating various agreements and keeping track of the approx. 170 legal entities within the Arla group.

Joris may be located in Denmark but he works mainly on an international level with all of Arla’s markets outside Northern Europe.

"I really enjoy working in a multicultural environment as it broadens your horizon and opens up new perspectives. Despite different legislation it has really been an eye opener to learn that many of the principles and processes in the different markets where Arla operates are largely the same and to find out that I am able to contribute in a meaningful way also outside the jurisdiction where I am qualified as an attorney-at-law."

Joris’ work helps facilitate the international business to grow, and negotiating a contract or setting up a legal entity is often the starting point for the evolution of great projects. “Following the whole process and being able to observe how a project concludes in reality, gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

Feeling supported and empowered

In addition to the international nature of his work, Joris values Arla’s team spirit and his colleagues’ commitment to always supporting one another. “Working in such a collaborative environment helps me perform well and move things forward quickly.” Joris’ main motivation comes from being given the responsibility and freedom to design his work in his own way. “Arla’s trust and flexibility allows me to decide for myself how I want to approach my tasks."



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