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Meet Robin

HS Coordinator in Quality, Environment, Health & Safety

Robin's job in 3 words: Rewarding. Challenging. Personal Development.

Since Robin was fivehe has always wanted to work for Arla and having had splendid “Arla role model” in his dad, a longtime dairy engineer, he started his career with Arla at the age of only 16. For the first four years, he worked weekends in the laboratory, continued his journey in the milk reception, and afterwards moved to warehouse distribution, there being responsible for the goods reception. Today he is responsible for health and safety at Stockholm and Sundsvall dairies in Sweden, where his position entails everything from preventing accidents and implementing safe ways of working such as “Workplace Transport Mandatory Standard” to ensure drivers’ safety at our dairies.  

My responsibility is to ensure that everything flows naturally. Instead of planning every activity or task individually, we have a system to follow. When I started in Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, my first objective was to develop this system – a system I’m very proud of. 

Talk Safety

As Robin works with health and safety, he needs to make sure that ‘safety’ is on the top of everyone’s mind. His finest task is to prevent accidents and to instruct his colleagues on how to stay safe. Thus, a big part of his daily work also covers developing infrastructural parts of the two dairies, including safety signs, the layout of the dairies, and making sure that all procedural steps are followed if an accident should happen. All these tasks are achieved in close collaboration with his colleagues.  

My colleagues motivate me to do my absolute best every day. They are so extraordinarily good at their jobs and thus, they make me want to live up to their expectations. I want to be as good as them. When I deliver, it’s really embraced and appreciated by our dairies, and that motivates me to deliver even better in the future.” 

Delivering the best service to our farmers
We go to work because we are passionate about what we do, but most importantly of all, because we desire to deliver the best possible service to our farmers. The way Robin contributes is by ensuring that all co-workers come to and leave work safely. Thus for the majority of 2018 Robin worked on a large project that was launched in December aiming to make it safer to walk around at the dairies, including how to respond to and handle unsafe behavior among colleagues and co-workers 

 Robin’s enthusiasm for his colleagues’ safety, his ambitions as well as a long list of well delivered projects, resolved in a much sought-after spot in Guldkalven 2015 – a talent programme in Arla Sweden focusing on developing inspiring talents who aim to take up a role within leadership in the future.  

 Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. That’s one of the reasons why I have grown this much in Arla. I have had the opportunity to have great leaders and mentors helping me on the right path.”.  

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