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Meet Mahitab

Marketing Director, Cheese Category

Mahitab’s job in 3 words: Hard work. Passion. Fulfilment.

Mahitab has Egyptian roots, but she has been living in Dubai for 16 years where she  heads up the Arla cheese category in MENA. In her position as Marketing Director, Mahitab is responsible for growing the cheese category, building brands such as Puck and driving the digital agenda to become best in class.

Being the pivot point between global and local marketing teams

As a leader in this region, she is a pivot point between global and the local teams based in various countries within Middle East & North Africa. She ensures that everyone is following the same agenda and building consistent brands.

"Performing and navigating within Arla’s matrix organisation can sometimes be a challenge. I try to act as a diplomat with an open mind and helping hands."

Mahitab is a marketer at heart who is passionate about providing people healthy, nurturing products and driving Puck to become a love brand. “My team and I worked hard on pushing Puck to become the fastest growing brand within the cheese category. We are really proud of this achievement, especially when we have to contend with tough market conditions.”

Passion and dedication

Mahitab is convinced that if you love what you do, you will excel in life – her career progression proves that right. "I knew I wanted to become a marketer back in school, so I followed my heart and took every opportunity to learn and expand my skillset. My passion for marketing and the freedom to explore new ventures in Arla is what drives me to get up in the morning and really give my best at work."

To Mahitab, being a leader means being a role model and practising what you preach. She constantly strives to walk the talk and embrace the Arla spirit.

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