Getting the right talents


Which formal qualifications do I need?

We like our Production leaders to have a technical understanding of our processes. Therefore, an education in Dairy or Food Science/Technology is preferred. However, we also welcome applications from (but not exclusively) technical disciplines such as Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Biology (eg Microbiology). Finally, we would also be happy to consider candidates with an education in Production Management who have a strong grasp of technical principles and a passion for food.

When must I have graduated?

You need to be a recent graduate - this means that you should have obtained your Bachelor's or Master’s degree within the last few years or that you will graduate no later than September in the year you start the graduate programme.

What should I focus on in my application?

In your application you must convince us that your educational background, personality and leadership aspiration, are what we are looking for in order to perform a key role at a production site within Arla Foods.

When can I send my application?

We expect to recruit our next Production Management Graduates in 2019. Please keep a check on our Vacancies page or follow us on LinkedIn for more information.

How many positions are normally available?

We generally expect to hire 4-6 talented graduates for the Production Management Graduate Programme. Specifically, we are looking to recruit 2 graduates with a primary location in Denmark, 2 in Sweden, 1 in the UK and 1 in Germany.

What is the recruitment process after having submitted the application?

There will be online tests, phone or skype interviews and an assessment day in Denmark in Spring, and we expect the next round to take place in 2019. Please be aware, that this may change.

What is the salary?

Arla Foods pays a competitive market salary during the Production Management Graduate Programme.

When do you go abroad during the Production Management Graduate Programme?

You will start out in either Denmark, Sweden, Germany or in the UK and then go abroad on your second 2nd rotation for 6 months.

Will Arla assist with relocation?

Yes, there will be assistance with relocation throughout the programme.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish the Supply Chain Graduate Programme?

When you have completed the Production Management Graduate Programme, we expect your skills and experiences to qualify you for another full-time job at Arla Foods. There is no unconditional guarantee, but because of our investment in the programme, we obviously want to make good use of your unique skills when you complete it. However, make no mistake, this is not for the faint hearted and our limited places will be filled by people who are ready to take a pro-active approach towards their own growth and development.

What is the difference between the F15 Graduate Programme and the Production Management Graduate Programme?

In the two-year Production Management Graduate Programme, you rotate to different production sites and your focus is on one functional area namely the supply chain  - and not i.e. on the commercial side of the business. The F15 Programme is a two-year programme where you work in three different functional areas i.e between marketing, business development and finance.