Ambitious targets

How we work

Ambitious environmental targets and a more holistic view require new ways of working towards a more sustainable milk production.

Life cycle approach

Life cycle approach - means taking all steps from cow to consumer into our focus areas when working with environmental targets. It also means taking the entire life cycle of our products, from raw materials to disposal, into our calculations. 

Focus on farm

Focus on farm - our environmental strategy 2020 includes dairy farms' environmental footprint. Through demonstration farms and workshops we will involve our farmers in finding more sustainable dairy farming solutions. Read more about our plans for sustainable agricultureIncrease efficiency - since the 90's we have constantly reduced water and energy consumption in our production and in our transportation. This work will continue through our environmental management system: Plan-do-check-act.


Transparency - means inviting all interested stakeholders to follow our progress on environmental improvements. We frequently publish our milestones and results on our website and we give access to key figures such as reductions in carbon footprint and in water and energy consumption.

Stakeholder Involvement

Stakeholder Involvement - this means involving both colleagues, farmers and external stakeholders in the many projects leading to a more sustainable dairy production.An internal campaign engages colleagues in finding new and better ways of working that will have a positive impact on the environment.

We cooperate with a wide range of external stakeholders:

  • Industry organisations
  • Suppliers
  • Universities
  • NGO's
  • Civil society 

Our aim is to share and develop best practices and new solutions e.g. new packaging materials, standards for carbon footprint, knowledge within cow feed efficiency.

Our World

Global Compact principles

We participate in the UN Global Compact, we are committed to incorporating the initiative and its principles into our strategy and corporate culture...

Komitmen kami

Sustainable Dairy Production

Kami memiliki fokus khusus terhadap kesejahteraan hewan dengan standar yang tinggi, kualitas susu dan produksi yang didesain secara khusus. Kami berusaha keras untuk menjalankan sistem produksi dalam praktik terbaik untuk lingkungan dan bekerja terus menerus untuk menurunkan resiko yang berdampak langsung terhadap lingkungan mulai dari peternakan hingga ke konsumen. inilah yang kami namakan sustainable dairy production.

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