Farm Quality

Good milk from Arla farms

Our quality assurance programme for our farms is called Arlagården, and it is an important part of Arla Foods' strategy. With Arlagården we take responsibility for the milk, to ensure it is produced in a responsible manner and is of a high quality standard.

The four cornerstones of the Arlagården policy are:

Milk composition

  • We strive to achieve a milk composition which ensures that the end products meet consumers’ needs and wishes.
  • The composition of fat, protein, minerals and other important constituents in the milk must be normal.
  • The milk must taste good and fresh.

Food safety

  • We strive to offer our consumers safe, milk-based food products – the basis starts on the farm.
  • The milk must not contain unwanted substances.
  • We must have a high level of hygiene in order to avoid the risk of infections

Animal welfare

  • We strive to meet the animals’ basic physiological and behavioural needs, which will improve their health and welfare. See video
  • The animals must be healthy.
  • The animals must be kept and looked after in an animal-friendly environment.

Environmental considerations

  • We strive to encourage environmentally sound production on the farm that is respectful of nature.
  • The farm must protect the surrounding environment and the cultural landscape.
  • The farm must optimise the utilisation of nutrients and strive to use only a minimum amount of hazardous chemicals based on risk assessment principles.

In the UK, Arla farmers will continue to meet the Red Tractor requirements but in order to implement Arlagården and its additional 16 standards, both schemes will be assessed at the same time.  For more information on Arlagården in the UK, click here.

Arlagården® Plus

Our farmers care for their cows and take great pride in having high standards on their farms. And they all have the opportunity to document the great things being done at farm level. Four times a year they can input data about their farms, herds and individual cows into the database, Arlagården® Plus. The data makes it possible for Arla to accommodate requests from consumers, who are increasingly focused on the origin of our products, specifically what Arla’s farmer owners feed their cows and how they look after them. Arlagården® Plus ensures transparency – all the way from cow to consumer. 


Good farming

Sustainable Farming

We want to source milk and other agricultural material which have been farmed in a sustainable manner...