Good Growth 2020

For our farmer owners

Arla is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers and we are committed to creating the highest value for their milk.

We are currently the world’s fifth largest dairy company in terms of milk intake. Our farmer owners are expected to increase their milk production from approx. 14 billion kg in 2015 to 16 billion kg in 2020. Our strategy focuses on growing the value of their milk.

In the past years, we have worked to build a more solid position in a dairy industry that has become much more competitive and global. We will continue to strengthen our position by providing dairy products that inspire and fulfil the needs of people around the world.

Towards 2020, we expect 50 per cent of our growth to come from Europe, which is one of six focus regions in our strategy. Particularly in the UK, Denmark and Sweden, where we want to be the dairy champion that leads and develops the market for dairy products.

The other 50 per cent of our growth will come from markets outside Europe. We are going to focus on five market regions in which we set out to grow a long-term profitable business for our farmer owners.

Middle East is a well-established region for us with strong markets and leading positions which we will continue to develop.

We have a clear ambition to achieve strong positions in selected dairy categories in China, United States and Nigeria. We also remain hopeful that Russia will re-open for business, at which point it will still be a very attractive market for Arla.

The future of dairy

Our Mission

To secure the highest value for our farmers' milk while creating opportunities for their growth.

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Working together

Cooperative democracy

As a farmer owned company, Arla takes the form of a representative democracy with one vote for each cooperative member.

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Our philosophy of producing natural, healthy and high quality dairy products dates back to the 1880s when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: To produce and provide the best dairy products.

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